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Production & Assurance

PWAM Modern Factories
As a company invested by the leading manufacturers from the fields of advanced and high-material research and state institutes, PWAM owns and shares four modern factories which can provide quite a big range of qualified products.

Meanwhile, we introduce the advanced equipments and instruments for production and QC.
Although our factories and manufacturers spread in different locations, the trading office is located in Xiamen, one of the special economy zones in China and has the leading airport and seaport in China to support the export business.
PWAM strategic Alliance
Especially, PWAM makes strategic alliance with many national labs and top university institutes to research and develop qualified products, which enable us to takes the advantages of strong R&D and support us to keep the leading position in these fields.
As a company certificated by ISO9001-2000, we do actions exactly as per the quality control system. Furthermore, we set up the strict QC process and assurance promise.

• our factory/workshop prepare for sample and send it to customer for test, the specification for regular orders are fixed after customer's approval;

• Carefully study customer's requirement then choose the corresponding international standard such as ASTM, AMS, ASGMIL, TOCT, NF, and GB that will be strictly followed up.

• our professional technicians track the whole process including original material incoming, production and finished products inspection;

Any products found unsatisfied by customers can be replaced or paid return with a non-conformity report within 60-90days after goods delivery.

Certificate of Quality Management System